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To begin with, all of our caregivers either come to us through a referral basis or are scouted by us— many have either worked for families that we also work with, or they are friends of caregivers we currently use. Next, we interview each sitter and go through a set of questions to see if they are able to meet our high standards of care and to learn what kind of childcare knowledge they have or if further training is needed. We also require that two references be given. Finally, they must pass a background check and complete our Austin Nanny Network training. If all of the above meets our rigorous standards, the sitter is brought on as a part of our team.

Yes, we welcome and encourage feedback! We want to hear from you about your experience using our services and the person that worked for you so we can continue to improve. Please email any comments or concerns to

If you are a first time user, you will reach out through our contact page, and we will respond to you within 48 hours with next steps. For our membership clients, log in to your client portal to submit your job requests. To use our service, you must pay a one-time sign-up fee as well as a regular monthly-fee, or a one-time fee for one-off jobs. Every Austin Nanny Network provider has a background in childcare, from casual babysitting to full-time nannying to teaching.

Molly and Patia have more than three decades combined, working for families in Austin, TX and Northwest Arkansas. Molly began working with children in elementary school and Patia began as a gymnastics coach in middle school. Furthermore, they have traveled around the country with families and are frequently called upon by families visiting Austin from out of town. They both serve as full-time nannies in Austin currently and, when not nannying, are babysitting most week and weekend nights. Together they have amassed a network of more than 50 families in their years of work.

While there are many different avenues of finding a babysitter or a nanny, we believe we are your best option. We are a company built by seasoned childcare providers, and our services are personalized to you and your families needs. The founders were born and raised in Austin and have been serving its families for many years. We take the time to vet each person individually and ensure they meet our high standards. Our combined three decades of experience, plus the reputation that we have built, make us your best childcare matchmakers.

Please contact your sitter directly to cancel any jobs you have scheduled. We strongly discourage last minute cancellations, but we understand life happens. If you cancel less than 24 hours in advance, you must pay your sitter the amount they would have earned at the job.

There is a $300 one-time initiation fee to join Austin Nanny Network and then a monthly membership fee to have 24/7 access to job requests. Memberships are $30/month, $75/3 months ($25/month), $132/6months ($22/month), or $240/year ($20/month). If there is a month where your job requests are not able to be filled, you will be refunded your membership fee for that month. If you are visiting from out of town, or just need a one-off job and don’t want to pay the monthly fee, then there is a sitter-finding fee of $50/job.

More information on our rates can be found on our Rates & Fees page.

Caregivers are paid via cash, check, or venmo. You can work directly with your sitter to establish a rate if you would like to pay them more, but we have set minimum rates. They start at $18/hr for 1 child, then move to $20/hr for 2-3 children and $25/hr for 4-5 children. There are increased rates for sick-child care and holidays.

See the charts below for a breakdown of rates & fees.

Our policy is that if you are using sitters from our service, you continue to pay the monthly fee as this pays us for the labor we do to keep this service going. Paying your monthly fee also provides you with a vast network of experienced back-up care for those times when your go-to is unable to make it. That said, you are able to cancel your membership at any time. However, should you cancel and then need our services again, you will be required to pay the initiation fee as well as the monthly fee (or the one-time fee of $50). To cancel your membership, please email

Our policy is that all Austin Nanny Network caregivers be booked using either our booking software or with the help of an ANN team member. Should you book a caregiver on your own, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to help find a replacement, if need be.

As our caregivers are not our employees, we are unable to require that they be vaccinated against COVID-19. They have the option to disclose their vaccination status on their application, but are not required to do so. You, the parents, are able to ask them directly and can require anyone that comes into your home to be vaccinated. Please simply let us know your preference when you book a job.

membership levels

membership levels

membership levels

All Hourly Rates are paid directly to the Caregiver by check, cash, or Venmo. For Babysitters, payment must occur at the end of 72 hours after the job is completed. Part-time and Full-time nannies can be paid at the end of each week or every two weeks. For a full breakdown of our rates and additional fees, please see the Fees and Policies agreement.